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Cleveland, NC  27013

Club Meeting: 2nd Monday of each month, 6:30 @ Clubhouse  

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Tarheel Beagle Club History

The Tarheel Beagle Club (TBC) was founded in the mid 1970's by a group of men including Frank Reese (Mr. Gay Hound), Howard Stamey and Leon Gable. Tarheel is a charter member of the United Beagle Gundog Federation (UBGF). Leon Gable participated in the formation of the UBGF and served as First Vice President into the early 1990's. Charlie and Bette Armstrong became members shortly after the club's formation. Bette later served as Secretary for the UBGF for a number of years.

Tarheel continues to be a strong and well respected member of the UBGF. TBC holds AKC and UBGF qualifying events for both all-age and derby aged hounds each year.

In the early days the club house was an old log cabin at a property owned by Leon Gable. Most of the running was on property owned by a sawmill company at the end of a road. Later Don Crider (Car-o-Line Hounds) secured the Rowan County property which Tarheel owns today. For many years the current property was leased as alternate running grounds. In 1989 the club bought a mobile home and moved the club permanently to the location on Warp Dr. in Western Rowan County. In 1995 we reached an agreement to purchase the property.

Today, TBC is a financially self-sufficient club dedicated to improving the beagle breed in the Carolina's. Our club house, kennels and other facilities are modern and well maintained. Our property is 80 acres divided into two equal enclosures which allow multiple classes to compete simultaneously. The grounds are mostly level and maintained, providing judges and gallery a good view of the competition.

Tarheel members have been breeders of many prominent hounds that have been influential in the gun dog movement. The most recognized of these was Hall of Fame FC Lucy Van Littleman. Van Johnson, a long time member of TBC, was the breeder of Littleman. He named the dog after his wife Lucy and himself, Van; hence the name Lucy-Van. Tarheel member Dwain Jones was owner of UBGF National Field Champion Greenwoods Blue Creek Bear. Dwain was also owner and breeder of his son NAT FC Dusty Road Blue Cobb. Keith Loudermilt was the owner and breeder of UBGF National Field Champion Hillcrest Dynasty, and UBGF National Show Champion Free Nancy's Little Muffin. 

Tarheel members continue to finish and place hounds at both UBGF and AKC/SPO national events. From the beginning of the beagle gun dog movement more than 35 years ago, Tarheel Beagle Club has actively promoted improving the beagle breed. Our mission remains the same as we continue to grow and support the various competition 


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